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‘No to body shaming’ is now trending after ‘hairy’ joke on Vivoree Esclito in It’s Showtime


Vivoree Esclito spoke up against body shaming after being a subject of one of a noontime variety show’s segment.



Almost everyone gets body-shamed, and some of the easiest targets for these kinds of comments are celebrities.



Vivoree is the subject of ridicule by “It’s Showtime” host Jugs Jugueta on a recent episode of the noontime show.



Twitter users slammed the Tuesday episode of the noontime show where a VTR showed a hairy or “mabalbon” contestant for its Hide and Sing segment, saying they didn’t like the reaction of some “It’s Showtime” hosts.




“Si Vivoree ‘yan!” said co-host Jugs Jugueta that had other hosts laughing.

Karylle, meanwhile, reacted, “Grabe kayo! Hits na yan.”



She went on to use herself as an example and reminded that being hairy is just normal.

“Jugs, ako, I’m a very balbon girl also. Ganun lang talaga,” said Karylle.




Jugs then apologize for the “joke” he made, saying, “That was just a joke. I’m sorry.”



After the clip went viral, Vivoree retweeted a post she wrote back in 2019 about the body-shaming she’s been receiving:



“ok so i’ve seen some comments about some people body-shaming me. it’s fine with me po, none taken, but PLEASE do not do it to others. some people don’t take it the same way I do. other’s bodies are totally NONE of your business. be sensitive enough to know that”


The actress retweeted her post as the phrase “NO TO BODY SHAMING” landed on local Twitter’s top trending list Tuesday evening.



On Instagram Stories, she posted a meme about not being ashamed of her body—body hair and all.



It was not the first time that Esclito’s name was immediately mentioned in the segment as the subject of body hair surfaces.



A fan Twitter account shared another clip that featured a zoomed-in picture of a contestant’s pair of thick eyebrows.



The hosts mentioned the actress’s name without hesitation.


Written by AdmiN

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