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Former live-in partner of Jomari Yllana accuse him of neglecting their children


Jomari Yllana’s former live-in partner Joy Reyes once again accused him of neglecting their two children.



Jomari has two sons with Joy — a two-year-old and a one-year-old.

Last Friday, January 15, Joy posted on Instagram about the problem she and her children are now facing.



According to Joy, the electricity in their house was cut off because their electric bill amounted to PHP100,238.38 has due last  December 9, 2020.




Attached to the picture of the electric bill is a picture of Joy’s two children sleeping side by side.



Two small children are feeding on feeding bottles, and the surroundings are a bit dark.

In Joy’s long caption, she draws attention to the fact that a father neglects his children.



“But the terrible part of this gross, gross negligence is a father’s lack of apathy towards his own children. That is totally sickening!” Joy wrote.


She asked her Facebook followers to inform Jomari that his children are “sweating in the dark.”



“Since he blocked all means of communication, to those who know this guy, Kindly inform this ‘Honorable’ COUNCILOR of District 1 PARANAQUE JOMARI YLLANA that his children are sweating in the dark & this is making it worse for Fangio who’s been having fever for a few days now,” she said.



“So many other issues of abuse that I’m trying so hard not to mind for the time being but directly harming the babies this way can’t be tolerated,” she added.



She also asked Jomari to stop causing further trouble to her and their kids.

“So the least you can do is to STOP causing further trouble to the only parent doing it all!”

Meanwhile, Jomari replied to a social media user, which his former partner shared on Facebook.

What can you say about this?


Written by AdmiN

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