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Attorney Chris Lao gave his perspective over weird behavior of Sharon Dacera


When a parent deals with the de3ath of a child, the grief is usually immeasurable.



The level of grief you display doesn’t really change, especially with one as highly publicized as the d3ath of 23-year-old flight attendant Christine Angelica Dacera.



Sharon Dacera, the mother of Christine, may have forgotten about that during a recent press conference.


A viral clip has spread across social media wherein the elder Dacera bawling after delivering a statement—only to cut the waterworks immediately after.



Netizens poked fun at how quickly the supposed grieving mother recovered from her outburst—from crying her eyes out to calm, cool, collected, and ready to answer questions from the press.



Some have even compared her to another grieving mother who went through a similar ordeal

Between memes and unapologetic reactions to her switching gears, netizens couldn’t get enough of the transition from outburst to calm.



That is why one lawyer gave his point of view over Sharon’s weird behavior.




Atty. Christopher Lao seems to find the behavior of Sharon unusual.

Lao said that he has not seen anything like it.



In the clip shared, Dacera’s mom can be seen in tears and hysterics during a press conference. Towards the end, she can be seen changing her behavior abruptly and started laughing before calling out to someone.


Lao said that he is trusting his gut feel in this case. The lawyer stated that it’s just against the grain of human experience.



Lao also emphasized that inductive logic by analogy is appraised by several criteria including disanalogy that can undermine Dacera’s mom.



What can you say about this? Do you also find Dacera’s mom’s weird?


Written by AdmiN

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