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Seller ng mga kakanin, ipinamigay ng libre ang mga hindi nito nadeliver na mga late orders

A few days later, we all became busy celebrating Christmas eve, Even many sellers were also had not enough time to prefer cookings for their booking orders.

Filipinos also love to make sweet foods or known as “kakanin” the one that is in bilao. So it wouldn’t be missed as we celebrate the special day in our life especially for Christmas Eve’s dishes.

Meanwhile, there is one kakanin seller who had many orders on Christmas as many of her customers wanted to order their best sellers.

However, due to a lack of delivery riders, they failed to deliver some of their orders. So to recompense to customers, they gave it all for free.


“Kami po ay humihingi ng paumanhin sa lahat ng customers na hindi na-deliver ang order. Bagamat ginawa namin ang lahat upang ma-deliver ito SORRY po, isa po sa naging problem ay ang delivery rider namin, kulang na kulang.”

“Kung kayo po ay may pagkakataon na bumisita sa aming tindahan ngayon, pwede po namin ibigay ang order ninyo for FREE. Sorry po.” they added.

The seller honestly takes that they had a short time coming at this time to face the problem, Which why netizens thanked and praised them for what they did.

Some of the customers disappointed but they really understood the situation as everyone are busy preparing something to celebrate Christmas eve.


“Laki ng nalugi nila. Intindihin na lang ho natin ang sitwasyon nila. Tulungan n’yo na lang po silang mai-dispose or makuha ng mga umorder ang pagkain kaysa masayang. Or much better Ellels Local Delicacies Home Of Special Kakanin, ilako n’yo na lang po sa mga kapos-palad sa lansangan.” one netizen commented.

On the other hand, some the customer still wants to pay as the seller already invested efforts and money to make the kakanin.

Many sympathized with the seller as they still tried their very best to accommodate all the orders, it’s just that the delivery didn’t make it.


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