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Blind Mystic Baba Vanga’s pred!ctions for 2021 resurfaced on social media


Baba Vanga, by her real name Vangelia Gushterova, was a famous clairvoyant from Bulgaria.

She was born in 1911 and d1ed on August 11 of 1966. She lost her vision at the age of 12 when she became aware that God gave her a very rare gift.



And if you thought 2020 was crazy, you haven’t seen anything yet, it is according to Baba Vanga.

Vanga is said to have made pred1cti’ons such as America being att4’cked by “steel birds” and a great tsun4mi in 2004. That was the year a tsun4mi kiIIed more than 230,000 when it hit parts of Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, and Thailand.




Now, let’s get down to business here. What will 2021 bring, according to Baba Vanga? According to the Daily Mail, the d3ad mystic pred1cted: “a strong dragon” will seize the world and that a cure for c4ncer will be developed, but it’s not all great news out there. Baba also pred1cted “lots of cataclysms and d1s4’sters.”



“The consciousness of people will change. Difficult times will come. People will be divided by their faith. We are witnessing devastating events that will change the fate and destiny of humanity,” she said.



She added: “At the beginning of the 21st century, humanity will get rid of c4ncer. The day will come when c4ncer will get tied with iron chains.”

For the uninitiated, Baba Vanga, sometimes called the Nostradamus of the Balkans, foretold major world events in a series of mystical pred1cti’ons, as far forward as 5079.




After some of her pronouncements came true, she has now become a cult figure among conspiracy theorists.

The famous clairvoyant’s adepts claim that 85% of her pred1cti’ons fulfilled so far.



What can you say? Do you believe it?


Written by AdmiN

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