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Daughter of a teacher shares Photo of Her Dad Completing Students Grade Before he bids his goodbye


A lady netizen has posted the photo of her beloved dad completing the grades of his students a day before he p4ssed away.

A Facebook user named Sandra A. Venegas has shared the heartbreaking photo of her father completing the grades of his students while lying at the hospital bed.



Venegas took the picture a day before her dad Alejandro Navarro p4ssed away. The male teacher kept on finalizing the grades and the progress report while the doctors are running some medical tests.



“This is my dad Alejandro Navarro, the day before he passed away, worried about finalizing grades for progress reports. He knew he was going to the ER so he packed his laptop and charger so he could enter them,” she begins her post.




Sandra expressed her regret wishing that she had closed her dad’s laptop and enjoyed spending time with him.

“The last time I saw him was Monday and he spent the two hours I was at his house working. I wish I would have closed his laptop and enjoyed spending time with him. ”



She also raised public awareness regarding the effort of teachers just to fulfill their duty.

“Teachers put in so many extra hours, hours that many don’t realize. Even during a pandemic, even during a health crisis, teachers worry about completing their duties.”



Sandra then gave her gratitude to teachers and reminds them to put some boundaries on their work.

“Thank your teachers. If you are married to one, help them set boundaries, if you are the daughter/son of one, don’t let them work once they’re home. Be kind to your teachers.”



She also clarified that her father did not di3 from c0r0nav!rus dis3ase or any related dis3ases.




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Written by AdmiN

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