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Meryll Soriano Tila Nadulas at Nabunyag ang Totoong Halaga ng Kayaman meron ang Amang si Willie Revillame

We all know Willie Revillame is one of the most famous and wealthiest celebrities in showbiz today. From the bottom and now at the top, he deserves it and it came from his hard work.

Despite this, many netizens still wondering how rich Willie Revillame is.

Willie Revillame announced that he’s planning to donate 5M pesos for jeepney drivers

We don’t have the exact figures but in a recent video posted of his daughter, Meryll Soriano gave some hints about her father’s wealth.

Willie Revillame’s daughter from Maricel Soriano Merylle Soriano not only detailed how rich her father but also kind and generous to his family.


Meryll shared that the most expensive thing that her father bought was none other than a private plane. According to some sources, willie bought a Dornier 328 private jet in 2011 with a staggering amount of 200 million pesos.

Meryll also mentions that her father also has yachts, choppers, Ferrari, and different luxury cars.

We prepared a list of his luxury cars below.

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Ferrarri 458 Spider worth 12 million pesos


Mercedezls-Benz SLS AMG worth 18 million pesos

Rolls-Royce Ghost worth 18 million pesos

M/V Wow Cruiser I worth 80 million pesos

Robinson R44 worth 35 million pesos

Robinson R66 worth 97 million pesos

Other than these luxurious vehicles, Willie and his partner Manny Villar also owns the Will Tower, a 38 story commercial building located in Quezon City.

Meryll recalled the generosity of her father during the time she needed a ride to go on her taping. Meryll called her and asked her father if she can borrow his pick up car.

As a father, Willie told her to go to his house and he lends her one of his vehicles. The two went on a famous car branch and Willie purchased a brand new car for Meryll.

Despite Willie’s wealth, Meryll revealed that Willie doesn’t spoil her too much.

Willie wants Meryll to fully comprehend or to value her work.

But she also revealed that she is still receiving an allowance from her dad.

In terms of her father’s love life, Meryll doesn’t have anything to say. She said that she trusted her father when it comes to this matter.

If there is anything that Meryll wishes for her father, it is true happiness beyond all of the expensive things that he has.

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