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Woman Suffers Severe Abdominal Pain, doctors are shocked on what they found inside her stomach


Be careful of whatever you put in your mouth.

Food or otherwise, it might be dang’erous to your health. Take a look at the case of this woman, who apparently had nails and other objects inside her stomach!



A 43-year-old woman apparently suffered abdominal pain for the past 10 days. She was vomiting from her sickness and when doctors came to check on her condition, they were surprised to see such objects. Aside from nails, there were also pens, spoon, pieces of wood, hair, metal chains, and even a toothbrush inside her stomach.



The items found within her can be collectively called a metal bezoar.


According to a medical dictionary, bezoar describes a mass formed in the stomach by compaction of ingested material that does not pass into the intestine.



The woman reportedly has a psychiatric disorder, which led her to ingest these things.

According to the report, the woman has a history of foreign body ingestion. Bezoars generally occur in emotionally disturbed, depressed, or mentally retarded patients. Therefore, psychiatric evaluation and therapy are needed to prevent a recurrence. Only a few cases of metalbezoars have been reported worldwide.



However, at first, many people don’t believe that the said operation is true.


Because it is a very rare case as you look at it.



Apparently, some comments from licensed doctors prove that it was all true.

Some of their comments are also about their experience in such the same scenario.



They all knew that it is true but however they couldn’t help but to amazed by those doctors who performed the successful operation.



Absolutely it is so amazing and unbelievable.



Do you agree with that?


Written by AdmiN

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