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Alex Diaz proudly comes out, bids goodbye to hiding his true identity


Breaking free! Alex Diaz proudly confirms that he also likes boys.



“Love has no gender,” actor Alex Diaz said at the video conference for the upcoming Boys’ Love (BL) series Oh, Mando!



Diaz figured in a controversy in October 2019 when he allegedly sent by phone an indecent proposal to diet coach Miguel Chanco, who posted screenshots of their conversation.



Instead of getting embarrassed or angry, Diaz admitted he felt a sense of relief.




“My career may end, but at least I don’t have to hide anymore,” he said



He was supposed to fly back to Canada, where he lived for years prior to joining showbiz in 2013, when director Eduardo Roy cast him to play the lead role in Oh, Mando!



“Now I am being paid to be exactly who I am,” Diaz said.



Alex said he just wanted the world to know so that he could be himself, but his father Michael McDermott and his management team had advised against it.




Off-camera, though, his gender fluidity was never a secret to family and friends.



“When I was 20, I started telling my friends that I also like guys,” Diaz said, adding that, although they were shocked, they eventually “became chill” about it.



Initially, he was hesitant to come out, for fear of his father’s reaction, a possible backlash from the public.



Speaking candidly, Alex said he learned more about himself when he was in college and after joining showbiz.



He reveals it didn’t surprise him to discover his identity, but his friends couldn’t believe it.



Alex said it wasn’t easy for him to come out, not because he wanted to hide but for fear.



Of being stigmatized in an industry that has historically looked askance at gay actors.



What can you say?


Written by AdmiN

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