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“Isang sikat na personalidad NOON, lumalaban ngayon sa kanyang karamdaman”

Howie Severino updates his health status thru his social media facebook about what happened to him after being exposed to COVID once again.

It was really tough days for someone who has been exposed and be positive to COVID 19. So after a few months ago, after being positive in COVID 19, Howie make sure he monitored his health to make sure that he won’t get exposed again and make sure that his body’s status is well okay.

Since Howie is a field reporter and needs to be out the percentage to acquire the COVID is really high. That’s why whenever he goes out he makes sure that his vital status is well okay as well as his body is safe and healthy.

“In the war against the pandemic, most of the skirmishes are happening inside our bodies. I just learned that the warriors in my blood got reinforcements, and went into action to ward off another attack by foreign invaders.”


Since Howie once had been positive for COVID, He decided to donate his blood plasma, further elaborated, “Previous testing technology in the Philippines would only tell you if you had the antibodies or not. There are two main types of Covid antibodies – the IgM, which indicates that you have a new infection and are probably still sick; and the IgG, the product of an old battle with Covid that gives you protection from future infection.

“Eventually, as in just a few months ago, hospitals acquired the capability to know your level, or quantity, of antibodies. That’s how I was able to know that between May and September my antibody level was declining steadily. It was scaring the hell out of me.”

Added him, “I had very personal reasons for doing this tracking myself – I needed to know when I should recalculate my risks, and when my peace of mind should end.”

The situation is what makes the journalist become aware of his health status as well as his work.


He related, “After a steady decline for at least five straight months, my IgG antibodies, the kind that gives protection from future infection, were now at 8.70, a gain of a whopping 47 percent from the previous month!

Howie decided to consult not one doctor but ask several ones about the result of his blood plasma and their conclusion is just the same.

Howie said, “The spike in my antibodies was probably due to recent exposure to the Covid virus, which almost surely occurred since my previous test on September 1.

“I had apparently been near enough to a virus carrier to be infected if I did not already have IgG antibodies to fight off the virus. My battle-tested immune system quickly detected the enemy and produced even more of the same antibodies, hence the 47 percent increase in my IgG shield.”

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