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Ninang, biglang siningil ni kumare sa nakain nito nung binyag matapos hindi pautangin ng 1K

Choosing Ninangs and Ninong for your children usually involves getting your best friends, or those who have money. Most importantly, when we choose Ninang and Ninong we have to pick the one who will be able to guide your child, not just give him or her gifts or money.

A woman went viral on social media when her friend whom she chose to be a godmother of her daughter posted their conversation on social media. The issue was started when the mother started with her asking her friend for P1,000, supposedly for her daughter’s diaper.

Sadly, her friend told her that she needs money for the store she’s putting up, and besides the mother still have a pending loan worth P1,500. To which she replied that she should not ask her to pay the 1,500 anymore as a gift for her goddaughter this Christmas. The mother also teased her friend that she is rich and a 1,000 loan is very easy for her.

The friend replied that Christmas is still far away, and where is her husband, she should be asking for money from her husband and not her. And this is where the conversation started to heat up, the mother upbraids her about not being able to visit her daughter when she was able to go to her other godchildren’s parties.


The Mother gets upset and she told her friend that she is arrogant for being rich. She continued and said that she regrets getting her as her daughter’s godmother and that she should just pay for the food she ate during the baptism of her baby.

And the heated conversation continues as the mother talked about the “Pakimkim” where the Ninang only gives P500 where she can give more than that.

This is where the Ninang revealed that the Mother still has a pending loan worth P1,500, and her reason is that her baby needs to be hospitalized and for her milk. It turned out the daughter was not really hospitalized. Add to that the other revealing and real-talk things the godmother said.


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