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LOOK: Video allegedly shows how Tekla’s live-in partner and her family lives on his condo

Romeo Libredo or popularly known as Super Tekla had been the talk of the town for days now.

His live-in partner accused him of being an irresponsible father and unrespectful to her partner.

It all started in a now-viral video posted by Michelle, his live-in partner, and the mother of his child.

This issue immediately went viral and people are now taking both sides to whom they believe is saying the truth. Michelle also came to Raffy Tulfo’s program to complain about Tekla.

His friends, Donita Nose and talent manager Ogie Diaz defended the comedian on Raffy Tulfo’s program and spoke on behalf of him.


Although Tekla, finally said his side and denied all the allegations, people are still rallying on social media against the comedian.

On the other hand, half of the netizens are talking against Michelle. They claim that Tekla’s live-in partner planned all of this to destroy the comedian.

In the midst of the issue, one of his vlogs taken two weeks ago where the comedian showed off his condominium unit also went viral.

The video claimed how Michelle and her family truly spend their time in Tekla’s condo.

As soon as he entered his unit, the disturbing dirt could be seen immediately. And his comrades in the condo could also be seen.


Here you can see his live-in partner Michelle, her sister, and another man.

Tekla was straightforward in his fields and asked why no one was cleaning his unit.

It seems that his housemates heard nothing because they are busy playing “Mobile Legends”. Even his live-in partner is also busy using her cellphone.

“Ano ba ‘yan umaganda umaga ang kalat, hindi man lang kayo nag liligpit, ayan puro kalat, Diyos ko kalat, hindi man lang kayo nag ligpit, Diyos ko ano bang ginagawa niyo? Eto na nga ba ang sinasabi ko kaya tumataas ang bill ng kuryente natin kaka Mobile Legends.”

He then recounted how high their electricity bill amounted to more than 14,000-16,000 pesos.

“Hindi pa nga bayad ‘yung ibang bill, puro kayo ML, ML, ML, nagpupuyat kayo sa ML, Diyos ko paano ko babayaran ito, mababayad ba sa kuryente yang ML ML na yan?”

In the said part of the video, Tekla’s face shows the annoyance from his housemates. But in the end, Tekla just joined them even though the comedian did not really know how to play.

Watch the video here,

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