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Netizens slam Karla Estrada for her opinion during an interview with Xyriel Manabat


Karla Estrada lambasted online after making these comments during an interview with Xyriel Manabat.



Karla Estrada got the attention of most netizens with her opinion with regard to girls should take responsibility for what they post on social media.



The said remarks were said by Karla during an episode on “Magandang Buhay” with guest 16-year-old actress Xyriel Manabat. Xyriel received ‘below-the-belt’ remarks after she posted a photo on her Instagram account wearing a white shirt and maroon shorts.



A portion of Karla’s opinion goes this way: “kung gusto nyo magpost, just be responsible also dun sa post nyo. Parang huwag ka ng mag-initiate ng parang… o ano di ba yung ganun.”




The statement elicited various comment on Twitter:

– “Initiate?? In what way Xyriel initiate it??”

– “i understand the point but i beg to disagree to the part na ‘wag na magpaka ano’ because in the first place if you’re gonna look at xyriel manabat’s photos they were all decent”



– “Parang sinampal ni Karla si Xyriel sa show na ito. Kainis.”


– “Huy ano ba yan. Kasalanan ni Xyriel, ganon?”



– “The issue is how you view the photo. You keep on saying that there are a lot of bastos na lalake, but I feel like you have a dirty mind as well. Face with monocle lowkey victim blaming”



Trending previously online is the former child star Xyriel Manabat after she posted her photo where many people instantly noticed her proud chest.



She wore nothing revealing or daring and not even showing too much skin but grown-up men in social media looked at her in a different light.



She was objectified because of her asset despite wearing the proper outfit.



Watch the said interview below:

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