The husband is caught by his wife cheating with her cousin

Being cheated is one of the most painful parts of a relationship. Cheating is a choice and not an accident. But what is more painful is that when you discover that your partner is cheating together with one of your family members.

The husband’s emotional affair affects you as badly as if he were having a physical affair. He is investing his energy, affection, and attention to another woman.

On this viral story on social media, a husband is investing in his wife’s cousin.

A netizen shared her rant on her social media named Michaela Carpio is now viral on Facebook.


It was all begun when Michaela caught her husband having affair with her cousin.

“Hindi ko alam pano simulan ang lahat. Dahil una hindi talaga ako nagpopost dahil baka may malabag akong batas social media at baka makasuhan ako.” Michaela started her post.

“Matagal ako nanahimik at wala akong pinakitang masama para ganituhin niyo ako.” Michaela added.

She posted an album along with captioning “Pinsan ko karibal ko.”


In Michaela’s post, she was so devastated upon knowing that her cousin and her husband was cheating on her.

At first, she didn’t believe in many rumors about her husband and her cousin’s affair. Even though their relatives and friends told her about the issue or affair.

As Michaela continues, she said that she trusted her cousin, and didn’t believe others that her husband and her cousin is having an affair. Knowing that Michaela was fought hard for her relationship to keep and work against all odds.

Michaela’s post includes her husband and cousin’s photo inside a motel room.

But even though this is enough proof, her cousin keeps on denying it.

In the said post, Michaela included her husband and cousin’s conversations. And with this, Michaela realized that the allegations between her husband and cousin are true.

As of now, Michaela’s post reached 12,000 reactions and 13,000 shares.



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