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The alleged girl behind Makaganda and Makagwapo’s break up revealed!


Caffey Namindang has recently gone viral on social media after she held a Facebook live on Sunday, October 11.



Caffey revealed that Christian has only been using him as content for his videos. She also said that everything on their vlogs was scripted and planned by Christian himself.



There, she revealed all the wrongdoings of Merck. She also detailed how the guy treated her as well as her family.



She stated that Merck has cheated on her for so many times but out of love, Caffey always forgives him.




Many have been saying that all of their vlogs including the pranks are all scripted. After months of these contents, Namindang revealed that all of their videos are scripted. According to her, Christian is only using her and her family just to earn money from youtube.



After the Facebook live, Makaganda post about his boyfriend allegedly outside with other girl named Pam Esguerra.



This girl actually appeared on one of their vlogs titled Ang Bagong Makaganda on Youtube. At first, Merck told Caffey that it is all scripted and he will never cheat with this girl.



Until Caffey noticed their car on the uploaded photo of the said, Pam Esguerra. Through Facebook, Caffey shared a screenshot of a photo of the girl Pam Esquerra posing with their car.




Caffey, who was seen crying the whole time and venting out her anger to Merck made the public known that even their sweet video proposal happened last September 24, 2020 was just all scripted and was only done for the sake of new contents and views to ignite the viewers and show the people as if they were literally the couple goal and the “sana all” of most singles that even her parents know nothing about.



What can you say?


Written by AdmiN

Isang nawawalang lalaki, Natagpuang Nagtatago Lamang pala sa kanyang kirida upang takasan ang responsibilidad sa pamilya.

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