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Pia Wurtzbach’s sister Sarah took a swipe against her, reveals the former’s true colors


Pia Wurtzbach and her younger sister Sarah seem to have a family feud.



This Sunday, October 11, 2020, Sarah’s IG story had a fiery message against her sister and even their mother.



Her first post stated, “Ang baho ng ugali mo. Dami mong kuda pero sorry wala.

“Tapos mangdadamay ng ibang tao na wala naman sa usapan.


“Magsama kayo ni mama @piawurtzbach.”



In another story, Sarah stated how she’s holding on with her feelings against Pia and their mother.



She even cursed them both showing how furious she is.

“Nagiisa mong kapatid ayaw mong supportahan tapos mangdadamay ka palagi ng ibang tao na wala naman sa usapan.

“Kung alam lang ng tao kung gaano kabaho ugali nyo ni mama. di porket nananahimik ako ako yung masama.

“Ako pa kailangan lagi magpakumbaba eh ako na nga yung naabuso. T*ng*** nyo @piawurtzbach.”


So far, it is not clear what caused Sarah’s sudden social media to outburst about her sister and mother.




But in her subsequent posts, she shared her frustration with Pia and their mother how they treated her.



In Sarah’s third post, she demanded an apology from Pia because of her alleged statements about her.



 “Magapologise na you hurt my feelings due to the statements you made when you were NOT SOBER, hindi mo magawa?

“Aangkas ka sa galit ko? Where’s the understanding on your part? So I have to shut down my sadness and anger? Then you ignore me for days?

“What kind of treatment is that @piawurtzbach”



In the next post, Sarah says that she asked for financial help from Pia for her family, but the former beauty queen seems to have mentioned something that Sarah did not like.



See her posts below:


What can you say about this? What do you think the reason for their rift?


Written by AdmiN

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