Isang nawawalang lalaki, Natagpuang Nagtatago Lamang pala sa kanyang kirida upang takasan ang responsibilidad sa pamilya.

Some relationship has a happy ending, ending with marriage, happy family but for some, they end up not so well, some getting cheated, and some are cheating.

Thousands of people go missing every year and the Philippines is no exemption. It is predicted that around 35,000 people are recorded missing each year in the Philippines. This relates to one person disappearing every 15 minutes or a scale of 1.7 people per 1,000 Filipinos.

Just like this guy who allegedly went missing for some time, and later on, they find out that this guy isn’t missing. This guy only hiding with his mistress just to avoid or escape his obligations to his family.

The wife wrote on her Facebook account stating the supposed-to-be missing husband. But eventually,  some eyewitnesses saw the guy wandering freely with another girl. The wife recognized that her husband has an affair and that he’s now gone, leaving her and their child.


Many netizens online shared her sympathy. They ask her to be strong for her kids. Some who are concerned about the issue suggested that she should seek help from Mr. Raffy Tulfo.

Raffy Tulfo is known as a helpful guy. He helped people who get abused. That is why many people asking for help from him.


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