No Makeup photos of Lucy Torres makes the netizens “WOW”.

Lucy Torres weekend time spent on doing her favorite activities.

Lucy Torres is a former actress, and now she is a congresswoman, reading and writing in her journal help her relax on her off-duty days.

As Lucy posted on Instagram last Sunday, October 4, “And how is your Sunday so far?

“Mine is a stretch of quiet joys—the last chapters of a book to read, a page in my journal to fill up, a present to wrap.”


But what caught the attention of her followers? It is because of her natural beauty, she’s not wearing or using any makeup.

The photo has captured her ageless, flawless beauty.

Lucy’s daughter, Juliana Gomez, even wrote, “You are so beautiful!!!”

Actress-host Alex Gonzaga quipped, “Padala naman ng konting ganda dito sa taytay ms lucy!!! [laughing emoji]”


One netizen wrote, “Divine beauty.<3”

Another told the Leyte representative, “ka gwapa ba oi.<3”

In her comment section, many followers commented the same—remarks expressing admiration such as, “Beautiful! looking young Ms Lucy! Looks of a happy and contented life”

One Instagram user truly got carried away, “When the Angels sprinkled beauty dust… you inhaled most of its goodness! <3”

Lucy only using simple skin-care routine over the years. She keeps her skin moisturized using SnailWhite’s Gold Cream, and she never steps outside without any sunblock on.

Lucy also never sleeps with her make-up on, a skin-care tip she learned from her grandma Carmen Martinez.

She also goes regularly to her favorite beauty clinic for her treatments, which include Ultherapy, a deep oxygen facial that helps lift and tighten skin.

What can you say about Lucy Torres natural beauty? Is she never get older?


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