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Vietnamese woman marries a guy she met online, later on she discovers that he’s a millionaire!


A refreshing tale of online romance that persevered against all odds is going viral on social media.



The story involves Nguyen Van Anh, a Vietnamese woman who met her husband through social media and eventually married him 10 months later.



Van Anh immediately found a stable career after graduating from Hanoi University of Science and Technology in 2015.



According to Van Anh, her love story began one day in May 2016 when she spotted an image of one of her idols with a man while scrolling through Facebook.




Thinking that the man might know her idol, she sent him a message in hopes that he might introduce them.



When the man, named Dang Tuan, got her message, he immediately informed her that he actually did not know her idol personally.



However, the two of them continued chatting online.

Dang Tuan (the guy) was a Vietnamese living and working in Russia.




But that did not stop the two lovebirds from becoming a couple.

They maintained a long-distance relationship for ten months before deciding to get married.



Unfortunately, not everybody’s happy with the situation.

Her mother was not happy with her daughter’s choice at all.

Van Anh will regret marrying someone she met online, she claimed. And to make things worse, they did not know each other for long.



Undaunted, Dang Tuan flew over to Vietnam from Russia to meet with her parents and convince them of his sincerity.

After much persuasion from the couple, their parents finally gave in.



She got the shock of her life when she arrived.

Her beloved, Dang Tuan, is actually a rich businessman and the general manager of a well-known brand and he’s a millionaire!



So the couple got married in a grand and lavish wedding at a five-star hotel in Hanoi.



What can you say?


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