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China Roces’s new look stuns many netizens


China Roces wows netizens with her recent transformation.



China Roces recently posted old photos, which showed a sexier physique. Basically, she reposted her model days.



What caught netizens’ attention was her caption where she said that she missed the old days, especially what she has been doing since 2012.



She also highlighted how she missed doing her work and her passion and also expressed how she wished her body would be back too.




To recall, she made headlines because of the issue between her and Tim Sawyer.



She accused her current partner of not providing financial support to his family. He is also allegedly buying an expensive property because he is “ready” to abandon them.



This has led both of them to go on a “conference call” on the show of Raffy Tulfo.



Apparently, the couple finally put their issues to rest.




The host, Raffy Tulfo, himself agreed to China’s request that she should be shared half of the earnings of Tim from their vlogs.



And a month after their viral rift, China seems to have a beautiful transformation.



On her recent social media post, China flaunted her newly colored hair.



“One day I’m gonna have everything I prayed for.. I really believe it,” she said on her caption.



Alongside is her stunning photos that immediately garnered reactions from netizens.

Here are some of the comments:

No doubt you are extremely beautiful, be strong

Absolutely gorgeous! I love your hairdo Ms. China!



Wow! New look so pretty

The GREATEST REVENGE is to stand up again BEAUTIFULLY!



U did the right thing…ur looking great now

China really looks great on her looks now.



As Janine Berdin said,  “We shouldn’t be afraid of changes, Especially when you feel like you’re stuck in a dark place.”



What can you say about China’s transformation?


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