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Gerald Anderson left his fans in awe after sharing his father’s photo during his younger years


So this is how Gerald Anderson’s Father looks like on his prime?



Like Father Like Son, this is what Filipino’s saying if the father and son look alike or if the son inherits his father’s looks and traits. Just like Kapamilya Star Gerald Anderson and his Father.



The Kapamilya star Gerald Anderson shocked netizens online when he post some pictures of his father when he is still young.



Geral Randolph Anderson Sr, worked as an American Instructor in the Subic Naval Base.




His mother, Evangeline Opsima, was a businesswoman from General Santos City.



Gerald shared a photo of his father on Instagram when he was 22 years old.

“Gerald Randolph Anderson Sr, at 22 years old”



This was the caption that Gerald used in his post. Many netizens reacted and said that they really look alike.




Many netizens said that his father Gerald Randolph really a handsome man, while others said that Gerald really looks like him.



Gerald’s close friend and co-star Young JV commented:

“Tito Randy knows the vibes!! The son tho no swag (grinning, squinting face emoji)



Here are some of the comments from Gerald’s fans:

“You got the eyes of your dad (heart emoji) both goodlooking (heart emoji)” IG user @verinadc.

“Wow you look so much like your dad” – IG user @sweerohunene.

“Wow carbon copy mo @andersongeraldjr both goodlooking” IG user



On the other hand, Gerald became viral because of the controversial Pregnancy of her rumored Girlfriend Julia Baretto.



This pregnancy rumors started to scattered in social media when veteran Journalist Jay Sonza posted this on his social media claiming that his neighbor told him all about this.



Jay Sonza even follows up this said post that there is someone already admitted or confirmed this issue.



Both Gerald Anderson and Julia Baretto denied this issue and they don’t have this kind of relationship.


Written by AdmiN

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