Psychic Rudy Baldwin Predicts Worst Volcanic Eruption from Taal Volcano


A Filipino psychic was among those featured on Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho (KMJS). Posting under the Facebook name ‘RUDY Baldwin’, everyone thought he’d be a man; but the psychic turned out to be a woman!



And while many people don’t believe in psychics and stuff like that, a lot of netizens would soon become avid followers of the site due to the many successful ‘predictions’ she made!



In many other times, she would mention places and events, such as a big earthquake in Turkey or a fire in Baybay and Kananga or many other incidents – and these actually happen! A lot of times the events would happen just hours or a few days after she posted about them.



Just recently, Baldwin has this vision.




After reports of swelling of the Taal Volcano, Rudy Baldwin came forward to share what she has seen on her Batangas Vision on September 25, 2020.



Baldwin began her Batangas vision with a reminder that what she saw was soon to happen, and that people should thoroughly pray to God. A powerful earthquake that would shake the lake and ground would occur anytime soon, it would have a great impact that even the neighboring places such as Cavite and Laguna would experience its rage.



She’s also seen fissures and sinkholes on the streets.



According to Baldwin Taal volcano would spew lava and its eruption would be more powerful.




Baldwin also mentioned that the smoke wafting out from the crater of Taal seemed like steam.



In her live vision, the eruption was undeniably great as though it was challenging the faith of every person.



She also discouraged people to climb the mountain and sail the sea because the Batangas vision could possibly happen any time soon



See her full post below:



Do you believe in Baldwin’s vision?


Written by AdmiN

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