Ella Cruz once again accused pregnant by netizens.

Once again, Ella Cruz went viral on social media. Ella Cruz accused pregnant by netizens online.

This was all started when Ella posted a video of her latest dance cover from the K-Pop song by Red Velvet entitled “Psycho,” last January 2.

Ella Cruz usually shows some skin when dancing. But this time, netizens are quick to react about her exposed tummy which is quite bigger than before.

That is why some netizens speculated that Ella is pregnant because of her tummy based on her video.


“Iba ang taba sa buntis kasi talagang kokorte at kokorteng buntis tyan mo. Halata sau ella,” one of the netizens claimed.

However, Ella answered the speculated issue by simply saying that she is eating a lot because Christmas and New Years day.

“KATATAPOS LANG NG PASKO AT BAGONG TAON. Hindi ba pwedeng busog lang? Tsk,” Ella said.

Ella also posted on her Twitter to express her hurtful feelings about the issue.


Ella expressed her hurt feeling saying that she’s confident about her body but the people don’t appreciate somebody’s imperfection.

” I feel confident with my body that’s why I posted the video but people body-shaming me saying ‘tumaba ka.’ ‘Buntis ka ba?’makes me feel bad about myself,” Ella explained.


“It is depressing! Everyone’s trying their best tapos all these people do is look for the negative side! Why not help them boost their confidence? Spread positive vibes. Masarap mabuhay ng ganun (It feels good to live that way),” she advised.

But her father to the rescue. To lighten up her feelings about this issue, her father also did the ” Psycho” dance cover showing also his big tummy. Ella also posted it on her Instagram account.


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“Ginalit niyo papa ko. Eto daw ang buntis”, Ella said to her post.


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