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Jiro Manio is in need of medical help due to unusual behavior


Jiro Manio needs immediate mental medical attention?



Jiro Manio is a former child superstar who became popular with his movie “Magnifico”. He shows great acting skills that made him popular and made him loved by his fans.



He became in demand in Movies and given a lot of projects in the ’90s.



But something went wrong and Jiro went off on TV and Bigscreen despite being in demand.




Unfortunately, Jiro got involved in [email protected] substance and he lost everything he has. From work, money, and even himself. As we remembered, netizens were shocked after Jiro became viral when he was wandering around the city.



Because of this, Jiro immediately received help from his fellow artist especially his Tanging Ina Co-Star Ai-Ai Delas Alas. But suddenly, all the help stopped for some reason.



After that, Jiro worked as a helper in a restaurant in Marikina City but something happened just recently.



Jiro was sent off to jail because of serious cased that filed against him but he didn’t spend a long time in Jail because his family bailed him to set free for a while.




After that, one of Jiro’s family members asked for help because Jiro’s suffering mental issue that needs serious medical attention as Jiro’s behavior became more and more unusual.



It is like Jiro is laughing by himself and talking to something never been seen or saw by his family. That is why they decided to seek help from professionals.



Jiro’s family to bring him in a psychiatric expert but Jiro resisted. Now, Jiro’s family is asking for financial help and mental help for Jiro.



Written by AdmiN

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