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BB Gandanghari reveal something about Mariel Rodriguez and Daniel Padilla


BB Gandanghari once again shared her experience as a transgender woman how the whole process of her transition makes her feel complete and fulfilled.



According to BB Gandanghari, she is still in the middle of the “hormonal replacement” program which might takes years to be completed.



In BB Gandanghari’s interview with Showbiz Talk Ganern on DZRH last September 16, she narrated her journey.



“I am in the middle of the very long process. I am dealing with my hormone replacement program,




“I am under the care of a very competent medical provider.



“I am also dealing with my mental health not because… again, it is a misconception na ang hormones would make you crazy.



“It is very unfortunate na nanggagaling pa ito sa mismong ibang mga transgender na individuals na, maybe, merong hindi magandang experience. Kasi hindi nga siya madali.”



Aside from this experience, she also learned a lot from being a transgender advocate who speaks and fights for their rights.




“I actually worked as an advocate, as a transgender patient advocate, na you should do mental health… yung meron kasing mga mental health providers na you should do that, not because you think you’re crazy, but to prepare yourself for the big change.



“Psychologically, there will be a change. You will start thinking as a woman, not as a man.



“And so, if you do your hormone replacement program before this mental health program, mawawala ka, malilito ka.”



According to her, what makes her feel sadder is she has to go all alone in this fight as a transgender woman.



She also opened up her ” tampo” with her sister-in-law Mariel Rodriguez and her nephew Daniel Padilla who went to U.S.A who didn’t even visit her and ask how is she doing.



What can you say?


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