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Neil Arce came to defend Angel Locsin to GMA head writer Suzette Doctolero


Neil Arce expressed his dismay regarding the tweets made by GMA head writer Suzette Doctolero over actress Angel Locsin.



Following Angel Locsin’s highly-charged speech at a noise barrage last July 18, several individuals criticized the Kapamilya actress.



One of those is GMA head writer Suzette Doctolero.

In a Facebook post, Suzette Doctolero called out Angel and accused her of lying in her speech wherein “The General’s Daughter” star said ABS-CBN helped her when was at the lowest point of her career.



Doctolero said Angel’s net worth before moving to ABS-CBN was already high.

She even mentions that without GMA Angel wouldn’t be called Darna.



Doctolero also accused Angel of fabricating stories to gain sympathy from the public. This prompted her fiancé, Neil Arce, to come to her defense.



Neil Arce, in a series of tweets, defended the actress and said Angel let go of her shares even before the media giant was shut down.




“She let go of her shares, that she hasn’t even paid for, waaaaay before ABS shutdown. You can check,” he wrote.



Suzette then responded to Neil’s tweet saying she based her post on the list submitted by the Kapamilya network to the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) last June.




“ABS-CBN ata ang naglabas ng list. June 2020 ito, right? Submitted nila ito sa PSE. Mali pala list nila. Matagal na pala ang June 2020? Unless nagkamali ang abs na isinama siya, then my applogies,” she wrote.



Suzette then responded to Neil by accusing ABS-CBN of not paying taxes.


Lol, alin ang ginagawa namin? Ang di pagbabayad ng tax? O ang pagkakaroon ng big dipper? again, hindi ito issue ng cause nya. Issue ito ng false statement nya. Naman repapips. Linaw linaw ng hanash ko, pinapalabo mo,” she stated.



Neil then compared to Suzette’s arguments as similar to that of trolls.



“Nanood ako pumunta pa ko congresso. And wag mo ko tawaging repapips di tayo magkaibigan. Lutang ako? Yung argument mo pang troll. Kala ko pa naman may challenge. Anyways madami pa naman utos ang diyos ubusin mo muna. Tapos isip bago concept,” he wrote.



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Written by AdmiN

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