Out of curiosity, a photographer jump inside the whirlpool to know what’s inside of it


There are many strange things in our little planet called Earth that make you wonder and make you say “Wow”. Some of them are very hard to believe, but others are being studied to know better and to know more.

That’s why some people are making an experiment to give some answers or to make things clear.

Like things very courageous Photographer who is bravely shooting this thing called Whirlpool.



He really wanted to know what is going on inside the Whirlpool that is why he decided to come with his camera at swim in the whirlpool.




Whirlpool is a rapidly rotating mass of water in a river or sea into which objects may be drawn, typically caused by the meeting of conflicting currents.



Most of us are afraid of this Whirlpool because we think that if are swallowed by this thing it will be the end of us.

The photographer’s name is Jacob Cockle, a British.



Jacob became popular because of his videos from different underwater activities from different places. He became even more popular with this high-risk Whirlpool jump video.




According to him, he was really curious about what’s inside this Whirlpool. So he decided to take the risk of jump into it and take a video to see what’s inside.



You can see in his video that the Whirlpool is becoming more and more dangerous because as time flies, the rotation of the whirlpool is going stronger and stronger.



His camera is focusing only in the middle of the Whirlpool to see what’s inside, and it’s like a tornado but under the water version.



The good thing is, Jacob didn’t pull underwater because of it’s strong rotation.



Our Curiosity makes us more motivated by what we want to know but sometimes it can us in danger, so be very careful.



Watch the video below:


Written by AdmiN

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