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Kylie Padilla shares her experience after she gave birth


Kylie Padilla reveals something to Netizen after her pregnancy.



Kylie Padilla shared something to netizen as a second time mom in her Instagram account just to remind her self and everyone that it is okay to feel strange bizarre about your body and how fast it will change in the whole process of pregnancy, giving birth and taking care of your baby after.




According to Amihan, if there is one thing that she learned from her pregnancy, is that how to accept or respect the process of the body to heal and never force it to be as fresh and gorgeous as before you don’t have a child because your body will undergo a lot of stress in the process of pregnancy.



But at the end of the day, Kyrie just wants to be strong for her two kids, like others she also confessed that she had unhealthy thought about her figure, weight a month before she gave birth.




But later on, she slowly accepted that being a mother is not all about how you look? And your figure.



Because most important to all is to be healthy for your kids. No matter what, sexy? Slim? Or being fat is not important at all.



Kylie also admitted that her 2nd-time pregnancy is much harder than her first. Because she experienced shiverings, massive headaches and body ache for almost the whole day.



“So I was feeling out my body, ang hirap kasi ng recovery from giving birth this time around. I could not get out of bed on certain days, headaches, shivers, and fatigue. So I postponed doing any exercise that would further prolong my recovery.




“I’m taking it slow. Learning to love how my body has changed, how strong it has remained, and how it is slowly healing. I’m happy, albeit the days where I feel like I am not entirely myself.



“I have grown to respect that it will take time because everything good takes time,” Kylie said.



So what can you say about her 2nd-time pregnancy experienced?


Written by AdmiN

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