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KC Montero and his wife got arrested in a high-end bar in Makati

KC Montero among more than 100 individuals got nabbed by Makati Police in a high-end bar in Makati.

Montero got arrested on Sunday for allegedly violating community quarantine guidelines against the mass gathering.


Makati police said it conducted an operation at posh roof deck lounge bar, Skye, in Salcedo Village on Sunday afternoon. Authorities said at least 100 customers were caught drinking liquor — several of them even violating social distancing rules.


Makati Police Deputy Chief Maj. Gideon Ines said 113 customers were arrested, 73 of which are foreign nationals.




“We also received videos showing that they were violating social distancing, and we went there, it was really crowded some of them are drinking,” Ines said.


Aside from the customers, the establishment’s employees were also nabbed by the authorities.

Makati City bars, as well as other similar businesses in Metro Manila, are prohibited from operating under the general community quarantine. Restaurants and cafes however are allowed to accept up to 30% of their maximum number of customers.



In a statement to ABS-CBN News following the arrest, Montero explained that he and his wife went to the restaurant to have dinner.




“That place was open before, so parang feeling ko, okay. Why were they open if they’re not allowed to open? Maybe that’s my fault, I didn’t do my research. So, feeling ko they’re allowed to be open. So, I went. My first time there. I probably should’ve stayed home tonight,” he said.



Those arrested were asked to board a police truck, which Montero called “backward social distancing.”

“They arrest us for [violating] social distancing tapos force us to not social distance, and then put us…did you see the truck there? That’s bad,” he pointed out.



The arrested individuals were all brought to the Makati Police Headquarters and underwent booking procedures.



Written by AdmiN

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