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Filipina OFW In Saudi Asks For Help From Raffy Tulfo After Her Male Boss Mistreated Her


When it comes to Filipinos, many usually sacrifice for their families. Every year, many Filipinos had no choice but to work in other countries.

This is because of the low monthly wages in the country and sometimes, it is not enough to provide for their family’s needs.

Given this, there are many OFW Filipinas all around the globe.

One of them is the Filipina who recently went viral.




In a video uploaded by the page of Isko Moreno News and Updates, the Filipina OFW who works in Saudi Arabia can be seen cleaning the sink.

Another moment, one guy who was identified as the brother of her boss approaches her and touched her boobs.

The guy then went back again and started to hug her from behind and kissed her on the cheek.

At one second, the Filipina smiled back to the guy that prompted others to say that she also wanted it to happen.


On the other hand, the comments and opinions of the netizens were cut in half. Some are saying that the Filipina is also responsible while some are siding with her.

Some netizens are sating that the Filipina only smiled at the guy just to make him believe that she is not scared so that guy won’t hurt him.

Moreover, another video was uploaded again on the same page. This time, the girl explained her side defending that she didn’t want anything that happens.

In the end, she asked for help from Raffy Tulfo because she has a family in the Philippines that are looking forward to her salary.

Watch the video below:


Written by AdmiN

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