Andi Eigenmann at Philmar Alipayo, May Sweet Message sa Isat isa sa Kanilang 2nd Anniversary

To her husband, Philmar Alipayo, Andi Eigenmann wrote a touching post marking their second anniversary.

Andi said that coming to Siargao with Philmar is the best decision ever, in an Instagram post on Saturday 27 June 2020.

 “I made the best decision to choose happiness above all else. I am grateful for the life I have (and am able to give my kids), with you in it, it wouldn’t be the same.”

 “Thank you for always making me feel like I am on top of the world. Happy anniversary my mahal!”

For his part, Philmar also greeted Andi and made a promise, “Happy anniversary mahal ko. Mahalun ko kaw sanan ato little fam hangtod sa hangtod [heart emoji] (I love you and our little family forever and ever)”

A couple of days before their Anniversary, Andi said how happy she is to finally have found the right one.


Andi said she appreciates how hands-on Philmar is with their kids in a Facebook interview with Korina Sanchez at Rated K on Sunday 21 June.

“He’s more hands-on than I am… I learned a lot from Philmar in terms of taking care of kids kasi mas tutok siya.

“And I feel, besides being a surfer, his focus is really being a father.

“I really love seeing my daughter grow with him and seeing how they are together, how close they are.

“I’m just amazed because we are together.”

She added, “I didn’t expect that, ‘Oh, you’re gonna be an awesome father.’

“I only realized that now that I picked the right partner because he takes care of me so well, and it’s passed on on how he takes care of Lilo and Ellie.”

Philmar and Andi have an 11-month-old daughter named Lilo. They also have kids from previous relationships.


Meanwhile, Philmar has two sons: Toro, who is with them in Siargao, and Kanoa, who is based in France.

Andi and Philmar first opened up about their relationship in August 2018, four months after they officially became a couple.

In the same year, Andi decided to move to Siargao. But she often visits Manila for work opportunities.

Andi’s eldest daughter is Ellie, her child with ex-boyfriend Jake Ejercito.


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