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Pokwang and partner Lee O’Brien spends quarantine life without house helpers


Pokwang and partner Lee O’ Brian are all on their own this quarantine; surviving without their helpers and Yaya.

Marriage is a partnership that includes the practical business of running the household. That means keeping financial records, home maintenance, shopping, planning, cleaning, cooking, childcare, etc.



Ever since the quarantine started in the country, Pokwang and her husband, Lee O’Brian decided to stop working in the meantime. They also took that moment to be with their children. They have a housemaid in the house who is helping them taking care of their children and doing household chores.


But at the start of the quarantine, they decided to stop working and stay at home. They sent all their helpers back to their families since they worry about their small children.



In their recent YouTube vlog, the couple showed their regimen without housemaids

As seen on her vlog, their day starts early with her partner doing the car wash at 7 AM followed by Pokwang watering the plants at 8 AM


Lee did his gardening project at 9 AM.  He planted red bell pepper seeds and added topsoil on his pots.



After an hour, it’s time for their baby girl Malia to take a bath.


In their video, it can also be seen that they both doing the laundry.



Pokwang insisted they wash their clothes manually outside to save on electricity. The comedienne taught her partner how to hand wash their clothes properly.


“Life without out helpers is much busier,” Lee said. He added during these trying times it made him appreciate their helpers even more.


And who washed the dishes? Lee lost in their Jack ‘n Poy challenge, so he did.

Watch the video below:

When the practical aspects run smoothly, there is more peace and harmony.

What can you say?


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