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Is Claudine Barretto have unpaid debts to Jinkee Pacquiao?

How true is the rumor that Claudine Barretto is living in debt to Sen. Manny Pacquiao’s wife Jinkee?

Most of the time, our friends are there to support and help us all throughout. However, some friendships broke because of one thing, money.

Misunderstanding happens sometimes because of borrowed money or lending friends who don’t comply with their commitments.

There are some rumors spreading about Claudine Barretto’s financial status these past few months.
This former Kapamilya star no longer thriving with her finances, according to some showbiz insider.

And according to them, She direly needed cash, which makes her have an option to borrow some cash from her friend Jinkee Pacquaio.


But these rumors were neither denied or confirmed by the actress. As we all know, these two are very close friends that’s why many people don’t hesitate to ask questions if the rumors were true.

But some people said that these two ventured into business together but sadly it failed.

In an Instagram Live, Claudine breaks the rumors by denying the allegations.

According to former Kapamilya Star, all of these are not true, and she never borrows money from Jinkee or to anyone.


“Lately, may mga lumalabas na baon na baon daw ako sa utang kay Jinkee at saka lumalabas rin na meron kaming business or transaction or trabaho na pinasukan na hindi nagprosper, parang ganyan. So kaklaruhin ko ngayon pa lang, wala po akong kahit na anong utang kahit kanino. Kahit kay Miss Jinkee Pacquiao na kumare ko”

Suddenly, Jinkee jumps in to support her friend. She commented on Claudine’s Instagram live, to confirm or to clear her friend’s statement.

She denied that they ever ventured into business together.

She’s so blessed to have Claudine as her kumare, Jinkee said.

“Mare, ipaalam ko lang sa kanila na wala kang utang sa akin. At wala din tayong business. Masaya ako na friends tayo at kumare kita. I love you mare!”

Meanwhile, Gretchen Barretto, Claudine’s sister also thanked Jinkee for clearing this issue.

She left a statement on the comment section of Claudine’s post.

Do you believe Claudine’s statement about these rumors? You can share your thoughts about the issue, and we’d love to hear what’s on your mind.


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