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Who’s that girl?? Piolo Pascual, reveals his ultimate crush in showbiz

One of the admired Filipino celebrities in our country today is Piolo Pascual.

From his looks to his acting career he already achieved many awards that make him one of the most successful artists in the entertainment industry. A 43-year-old film and television actor, model, producer, director, and even a singer. A total of 1-5u$ million net worth estimated in the year 2019.

Despite being a single until now. Piolo has a son Inigo Dominic Pascual.

While he had several past relationships with celebrities like, Pops Fernandez, KC Conception, and Rica Peraleja.

Meanwhile, in October 2016 rumors spread that Piolo and Shaina Magdayao has a relationship when they intimately danced together in a ball.


Even he has aged a lot today but still he is one of the very handsome and has a very impressive physique.

Many Filipinos dubbed him as one and ultimate leading men in the industry as able to work with the most permission, beautiful, and award-winning actresses in the country.

But have you ever wonder who is his ultimate crush ever since?

He revealed that he has an ultimate crush on INA RAYMUNDO.

YES! INA RAYMUNDO since his college days.


Piolo shared that he and Ina were schoolmates back in college days and they both went to the University of Sto Tomas ( UST ) where they both took up an AB General Education as a course.

He even stalked Ina in hallways of their campus because Piolo is very amazed at her beauty. Ina is 1 year ahead of him at that time.

The actor even revealed that he didn’t have the confidence to court Ina. That is why he is just looking at her at a distance when they still in college.

When the 44-year-old actress learned about this she felt very delight and she even forgot that she is now married for a moment.

Back in 2003 when she got married to a Ukrainian-Canadian Businessman Brian Poturnak. They have now 5 children together.



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