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Matteo Guidicelli Speaks Up On Sarah Geronimo’s Pregnancy

Matteo Guidicelli finally addresses the rumor that his wife Sarah Geronimo is already pregnant.

Yesterday, May 20, marks their third month as husband and wife.

On the other hand, Matteo cleared that Sarah is not yet pregnant and they are not planning on having a baby as of the moment.

Matteo said that they are enjoying their married life.

The actor made his clarification during the online media conference of Ranger G The Making of a Philippine Scout Ranger.


It will portray the life journey of Matteo when he enlisted himself as Philippine Army reservist until he became the 2n Lieutenant.

In the said online conference, there was a baby picture flashed on the screen many times. then asked if that was their baby Sarah or is his wife is actually pregnant.

Matteo explained that it is not and that was him when he was a baby.


“No, not yet. Not yet. Ako ‘yan, ako ‘yan.

He also said that they have no plans on having a baby this time and he hopes at the right time.

“I don’t think so, not yet. We’re just enjoying our time together after all these years. Hopefully in the right time.” 

About their married life, the 30-year-old actor shared that they are staying at home since the enhanced community quarantine was declared.

“Everything’s okay. We’ve been staying home, just going out when we need to go out, doing groceries and all these essential things. But other than that, everything’s okay, okay naman lahat. Masaya naman lahat dito sa bahay namin.”

They only go outside when they need to buy necessities and essentials.

He also revealed that he discovered a lot from his wife during the lockdown.

“Marami, marami… but I think every single day as a blessing. Every single day, I thank that I get to sleep and wake up beside her na up to now, it’s still a dream.”

As a loving and caring husband he is, Matteo makes sure that he and Sarah are safe from the v!rus.


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