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Learn from Isabelle: Tips On How To Make Your Nannies Loyal To You

Isabelle Daza manages her household just like any other mommies who are responsible for their home.

She has been known for being a fair and kind boss to her nannies. As a matter of fact, Isabelle even made a contract of employment for her nannies.

This is to ensure their rights as well as to be well informed on their job description.

And if you are also a mom who takes care of the system at your home, here’s a little tip from Isabelle on how to make your nannies loyal to you.

Isabelle has her personal nanny since her childhood. Until now, Yaya Luning is still with her. This time, she is taking care of Isabelle’s two-year-old son Battie.


Battie is the son of the actress with her French husband Adrien Semblat.

Nowadays, a loyal nanny that will stay with you in many years is hard to find.

Luckily enough, Isabelle has her long time nanny.

And if you are wondering how did she make it, here’s her not so little secret.


Isabelle makes sure that their kasambahay will feel more secured and valued in their household.

Recently, she made a handwritten form to be filled up by their kasambahay. Isabelle wrote them asking, “kelan ka nabibwiset sa akin… kelan ka pinapagod…ano ang pangarap mo sa buhay.”

In this way, for Isabelle, she will know the needs of the people who have been serving them.

Like the contract she made, Isabelle also posted the photos of questionnaires on her Instagram story.

She refreshes the contract as well as the questionnaires every three months.


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