Kim Chiu Provoked By Some Bashers Who Commented On Her YouTube Vlog

Kim Chiu couldn’t help but to finally speaks up for herself after being criticized by many netizens.

It is after her statement on Kapamliya Live chat last time. Kim gave an example of her ‘Classroom Law’ that has been made as a meme on the internet.

She was talking about the ABS-CBN issue which she said that their network already submitted the papers needed for franchise.

But it seems like some bashers are not satisfied enough to make her memes on Facebook.


Recently, the Kapamilya actress uploaded a 20-minute workout video on her YouTube channel. To her surprise, her vlog garnered negative comments from some.

Kim couldn’t help herself but to claps back on her bashers.

The first netizen wrote, “Duh waste of time”

Another wrote, “Wag puro ktawan pagandahin mo saka mukha mo.Magbasa ka din kya bra may malamn ka nmn wla akong naintindihan sa kakaputak mo eh.”


To which Kim replied,  “Try mo din kaya tanggalin filter sa mga pictures mo! Puro ka filter eh! peace!!”

One netizen asked again about the ambu$h happened to her earlier this year.

“Totoo b n naambush k or drama lang po yun?”

“I dont want to explain myself more! Pero logic is itataya mo buhay mo para sa “drama” ?! Kung ikaw nasa lugar ko? Palibhasa gusto nyo may mamatay eh!!! Para maniwala kayo! Pero yung pamilya ko labis ang pasasalmat sa dyos na walang nangyari samin. Kayong makikitid ang mga utak! Ilagay nyo sarili nyo sa position ko. Dun nyo simulan mag isip,” Kim answered.

While another pointed out that Kim overreacted when she has more fortune than those others who are “no work, no pay” struggling to feed their families.

The actress then replied that she did not speak for herself but for those employees of her network who suddenly lost their jobs.

Meanwhile, here are the other comments from netizens that Kim furiously replied.


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