THE IVANA ALAWI PRANK: Raffy Tulfo Made Ivana Cry!

Nowadays, being people of social media is having more happenings on the internet.

One of the trends or in right now is pulling pranks by someone. Mostly it is done by YouTubers or vloggers.

If you are also a fan of watching YouTube vlogs, you definitely have seen many pranks.

But this time, the iconic Idol Raffy Tulfo pulls a prank to one of the famous YouTuber today.


The TV5 program Raffy Tulfo In Action is known for helping their complainants solve their problems. So we wouldn’t expect that they will pull a prank on someone.

In a video released by their channel, Raffy together with his staff pranked Ivana Alawi.

The scenario was Loida, an accomplice will file a complaint against Ivana for distributing expired relief goods.

Then Tito Raffy will entertain the complaint and will do the usual system.


As the video goes, Ivana didn’t expect that she is being reported by Loida. Ivana expected that she will be a guest on the program.

Raffy, and his staffs as well as Ivana’s mom and sister Mona are all accomplices.

At first, Ivana was so calm hearing the side of the complainant. Then, as usual, idol Raffy consulted the legal steps to Atty. Garreth Tungol.

Atty. Garreth then discussed the case to which Ivana said that she will comply with respect to our law.

In the middle of their conversation, Loida asked for 200,000 from Ivana as a compensation.

Ivana was then shocked by the amount but she told Loida that she is willing to help but not that huge amount.

She told everyone that she will shoulder the hospitalization of Loida and she will give her a sari-sari store.

In the end, Raffy Tulfo acknowledged the true colors of Ivana because she remained humble and calm.

Ivana said that she is willing to give the 200,000 instead, she will donate it to those who are really in need.

Also, it turns out that the vlogger paid a total amount of 800,000 pesos on her relief goods.

Watch the video:


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