Tony Labrusca Shares Real Life Glorious Experience With A Woman Older Than Him!

We have already seen countless beautiful faces in the Philippine industry. They have their own unique way of being beautiful.

As of this generation, many actors are shining brighter than the others because of their charisma. Tony Labrusca is undeniably one of them.

Tony rose to fame when he became one of the members of an all-boy group, Boy Band PH and is actually the son of actor Boom Labrusca.

He is one of the millenial crushes who gives kilig to his every girl fan.


One of his movies who really became the talk of the town was the Glorious. It has a storyline where he fell in love with a woman double his age.

He had an intense kissing scene with Angel Aquino who played the role of Gloria, who was his character’s love interest.

But do you know that Tony actually had a relationship with a woman older than him in real life?

This was the big revelation of the actor in one of his interviews. He shared that he is actually attracted to women who are way older than him.


But Tony said that he has high respect for women especially when he was raised by his mom.

“It came to a point where my stars aligned that I even was an actor in a movie about being in love with an older woman. God does have a sense of humor,” he said.

Tony then admitted that it happened in his real-life where he was only 19 years old and the woman was already in her 40s.


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