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LOOK: Jobert Sucaldito spilled out the hidden ‘BAHO’ of Kapamilya Network

As the world fights the pandemic, another PH public battle arrived as the biggest ABS-CB-N network forced to shut down.

People rage on social media, much like some of the Kapamilya stars. Their emotions exploded on every social network platform to express their thoughts, disappointments, and indignation about NTC’s cease and desist order.

However, after sharing their feelings without hesitation, some of the Kapamilya stars drew too many responses from the netizens.

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What’s going on right now is going beyond control, as some might say.

Apparently, another former Kapamilya employee, a radio analyst, and DZMM reporter, Jubert Sucaldito, are speaking out against ABS-CB’N.

On his Facebook account, Jobert aired his own version of what’s really happening inside the giant network.


The reporter is known for “malayang pamamahayag”. Noting his tirades over some of the biggest stars without any doubt.

According to his post, besides having an issue on some of the network’s bosses, he is for #notoshutdown, because there are still good people inside the network.

He openly disagrees on using the 11,000 employees as their human shield as he calls it.

Loyal viewer ng ABS-CBN Sinira ang sariling tv matapos ipatigil ang operasyon ng network.

Jobert added, that some of these employees are just getting carried away with the good words of the network.

He even recalled the time when the network called out many cameramen in a luxury hotel, served the best lunch in the world, but later on, forced to sign their dismissal.



The reporter further detailed how the Kapamilya stars are treated inside the network. Those who are the favorites often gets the job. If you are a freelancer, you’re lucky if you will be able to get a guesting.

He mentioned some of the big bosses whom he said that should never resist their decisions if so, your career will never go far from the network. Just like what happened to him recently.

Tama nga ba ang propesiya ni Pastor Quiboloy sa pag papasara sa ABS-CBN?.

Jobert recalled the time when he was forced to sign his indefinite suspension. He resisted and filed a complaint on DOLE against the network.

Later on, he revealed that the reporters and anchors of the said network are forced to say those only written on their scripts.

What can you say?

Reasons Why ABS-CBN Was Ordered To Shut Down


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