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Family’s Proud Epic Reaction After Their Eldest Child Passed 2019 Bar Exam!


It would be such an overwhelming feeling when you finally pass the course you’ve been studying hard for years!

This might be the feeling of every Bar Exam Passers of 2019 as the results finally came out yesterday.

Taking up Law in college is one of the most difficult course to pass. It would take you at least 9 years to complete your degree.

So it will be not just your achievement but as well as your family who supported you from the very beginning.


One video of a family’s reaction to the results of the Bar exam went viral.

In the video, it can be seen that the family members are watching the television while sitting on their sofa.

The camera’s angle also shows the second floor of the house.

One moment, when they finally heard the name of their eldest child, the family jumped and scream because of overjoying.


The board exam passer went out from her room and cried on the floor for finally getting the title before her name.

“How our family found out that our Ate Jette is now ATTY. JETTE!” the uploader wrote.

The netizen turns out to be Atty. Jette’s sister, Janna Salvacion.

Meanwhile, this touches the netizens as they expressed their happiness for the family. As of this writing, the post already has 117K reactions and 42K shares.

Congratulations, Bar Exam Takers 2019!


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