Netizen “judged” the driver of this Lamborghini caught driving in the road amid pandemic, without knowing who is the owner

When it comes to social media, anything you post can be seen by many. We have seen many viral stories as they can be easily spread.

Social media gives us the privilege to say what we want to say. And rant our thoughts as if we know all the people who can read our post.

But sometimes, what we share on what we think is right can turn the other way around. As the saying goes, think before you click.

And it seems like one netizen has learned this phrase after he got bas’hed for ‘bash!ng’ the driver of the Lamborghini he saw on the road.

In a Facebook post, one netizen uploaded a photo of cars on a highway in Commonwealth Avenue. But the uploader focuses on the Lamborghini in front of him.

He wrote in the caption that the driver is allegedly driving his car as if he owns the road. The netizen even stresses out how much this sports car post.


Maybe his rant is about “instead of showcasing your sports car, Help the ones in need.”

He also added that the car has no plate number at all.

To make the story short, he wanted his post to be shared to ‘fight entitlement and privilege.’

The netizen wanted to express his disappointment, that amid the pandemic and the lockdown, there is this Lambo owner who drives his car the way he liked.

Apparently, his rant looks like caught the attention of a netizen. Who happened to be the son of the said Lambo owner.


A user named Leo Flores commented on the photo claiming that the sports car was his father’s car.  He even said that if there is any problem with the car Yeb Seño should call him anytime. Leo Flores left his telephone number on his comment. He also said that the Leo Flores account is just a dummy account.

At the end of his comment, it seems like he personally knows the uploader as he mentions that they met each other many times.

If you searched the telephone number given by Leo Flores. It was the Telephone number of Ayala Corp. The Ayala Corp. who actually helped a lot of people by donations.

Meanwhile, this caught the attention of the netizens and commented about the commotion. Here are some of them:


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