Alex Gonzaga Apologizes Over Fake News Post In Twitter

We all made mistakes in our life and we should be responsible enough to take actions.

And it seems like Alex Gonzaga learned a lesson today after she was called out by netizens.

Recently, Alex took to her Twitter to give an information about the transmission of the C0VID.

On her Tweet, the actress stated that the virus can be acquired in grocery stores. She then advised her followers to bulk buy as much as possible.


Alex wrote, “Forwarded message: So far ang trend sa hospital right now is sa grocery nakukuha ang C0VID-19, so if kayang mag bulk-buy, yun na ang gawin.”

She went on saying that they should disinfect the items they have bought.

On the other hand, the Philippine General Hospital (PGH) released a public advisory following the news.

They claimed that there is no such observation that their admitted positive patients acquired the disease from groceries.


Here is their full statement:

Following this, a netizen tagged Alex Gonzaga on the said post.

The netizen wrote,

“Hello @Mscathygonzaga, you have 2M++ followers, I hope before you post something that has been forwarded to you, you may want to consider the ff:

“1. Contemplate on the msg first

“2. If you didn’t understand, try to ask

“3. Or verify the info first.


Unexpectedly, Alex responded immediately and asked for apology. She also deleted her post.

But one netizen looks like wasn’t pleased with Alex’s actions.

The Twitter user called her ‘bobita’ and claimed she is not helping.

In response, Alex brought up that their family has been sending help to those in need.


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