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Sen Manny and Jinkee Pacquiao challenged their children to eat Nilagang Saging with Ginamos

They say you’re lucky if you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth. You don’t have to endure all the hardships in life while growing up.

We have heard many rags to riches stories around the world, but there is one story that inspired many Filipinos.

As we all know, Manny Pacquiao is known for becoming one of the richest men in our country who come from great poverty.

When he was a kid, his life is one of those children who barely eat thrice a day. He became successful through boxing.

Manny managed to surpass his life trials by himself doing hard and making his dreams come true. He was dubbed as Pambansang Kamao in the Philippines because of his excellent skills in boxing.


From that poor boy, Manny slowly reached his desires until he becomes a millionaire. As of now, he also became a senator and he has been helping those in needs especially the current crisis.

But do you know that Sen. Manny Pacquiao still knows how to live simple despite his success?

On his wife’s Youtube channel, Jinkee Pacquiao shared a video where she had an idea while his husband is eating nilagang saging with ginamos.

The video titled “Bagoong Challenge with the Kids!” is now receiving positive reviews on social media after seeing the famous couple encourage their children to try the food they used to eat.

First time na kumain ng mga anak namin ng nilagang saging na may ginamos!😂😂 Enjoy!!

Ginamos is a locally native made bagoong.


Jinkee shared, unlike her and Sen. Manny, their children Jimuel, Michael, Mary, Queen, and Israel, haven’t tried eating nilagang saying with ginamos in their entire life.

According to Sen. Manny, when he was still young, they had been eating it for ten years.

While as per Jinkee, it was just their meryenda, but for Sen. Manny, it was already a complete meal.

“Sinasabi ko as inyo, dito ako nasanay. Okay lang kung walang kaning bigas, saging at ginamos ok na!”

Suddenly, Jinkee came up to an idea to make their children try this kind of food.

She happily announced to their kids who are busy on their gadgets, that they will have ‘Ginamos Challange.’

Sen. Manny is tough on pushing Jimuel to do the challenge. Apparently, the mother’s care suddenly put Jinkee to worry.

“Sabaw lang, wag may laman. Iba iba tayo ng panlasa, First time nila makatikim nyan” she said to her husband.

Sen. Manny, on the other hand, asks why his children don’t want to try ginamos.

“Ang sarap nito, ano ba naman itong mga to.” Jinkee answered, “Hindi sila kumakain ng saging.”

The first to try is their daughter Princess who became very hesitant at first. But later on, she ate it and described it as salty.

Sen, Manny hand over the food to her daughter and said, “dito kami nabuhay ng matagal pag walang pagkain.”

Princess tried it and funny how she reacted after tasting it. Her verdict? “Masarap, pero maalat.”

The next one is Jimuel, who also has a Youtube channel. He resisted it at first but Manny made him eat the banana dipped in ginamos.

His reactions are hilarious because he didn’t really want to but it seems like Jimuel is scared of his dad so he had no choice.

“Amoy pa lang parang ang hirap na kainin,” Jimuel said.

Sen. Manny did a quick lecture.

“Ang mga batang to, hindi nasanay ng buhay mahirap. Wala making bigas noon kaya to young kinakain namin matagal. 10 years!”

Next to him was Queenie, her dad handed her the banana and she also made to taste it.

Lastly, their son Michael also had to accept the challenge.

The beautiful mom Jinkee, also seen eating the food later on. And like Manny, she loves it too!

Apparently, it seemed that Queenie is the only one who liked the taste of nilagang saging with ginamos.

It went viral after netizens applauded Manny and Jinkee for being simple and they know how to look back on their humble beginnings.

Sen. Manny jokingly said to his children, that he will implement a week that they will eat nothing but ginamos and nilagang saging.

He thinks of teaching their children how to live the opposite of what they enjoying now.

What an inspiration!


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