Kris Aquino, Ipinasilip ang Laman ng Kanyang Magarang Bahay sa Quezon City

In 2013 Kris Aquino moved their home in Quezon City with his two sons Josh and Bimbi.

Unlike modern home designs, Kris prefers her homhomey-cottage ambiance design because of its expansive space, and spacious garden.

“Ang bilis, considering malaki ‘yong house. We had to take down some walls and do some expansion. The original house kasi, ang natira lang bale ‘yong shell niya, the structure itself. We had to make the necessary adjustments according to Kris’s needs.

“Plus, i-factor-in mo pa ‘yong feng shui. Ang vision niya kasi is parang it’s more of the Hamptons, ‘yong classic nacountry home na perfect for the family,”


In her Living Room, Kris chose to have a large window so that the light could come in and also see her garden. Really very nice!

In her Dining Area, Kris prefers to make the table longer than the coffee table. For a grander look he placed a Chandelier in the middle.

The idea came to her from a feng shui expert. It also reminded his mother of former President Cory Aquino.

The kitchen is in island style as Kris likes it because she likes to cook and having photos in their for her vlog is not that difficult.


The makeup room is located on the first floor so she doesn’t have to bother every time she goes.

“Para accessible, you don’t have to go up. For example, there’s a makeup artist, hairdresser—they don’t need to go up sa bedroom. They’re just here sa baba,”

Bimbi’s room is in black, with glow and dark on the ceiling and also has its own drum set.

In Josh’s room, he has a map design because he likes to travel.

“We had this wallpaper customized. Right from the start, travel theme na talaga ang gusto ni Josh,”sabi ni Rossy.

Kris’ walk-in closet is on the 3rd floor, she wanted to make it a guest room but he made it a spacious closet with a chandelier in the middle.

“Gusto ko talaga ng open. Ayokong mayexcuse to be cluttered. Pag hindi ‘yan bukas, magulo ‘yan. Totoo naman, di ba? Kung maraming ‘tinatago, maraming gulo,” sabi pa ni Kris.

Her garden is full of bougainvillea and many other plants.


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