Check out Janice de Belen’s Gorgeous Home

We are always impressed by the beautiful and luxurious style many celebrities homes. Their established homes reflect their efforts early in their career in the showbiz world.

We can have some great design and decorating ideas that we can do in our own homes from these celebrities. One of the most beautiful and luxurious homes on the internet is Janice Be Delen’s renovated home.

Due to the growing needs of her family and growing household appliances, Janice decided to renovate their entire home with the help of architect and interior designers Dong Caritativo, Arlene Andres and Deng Gepanaga. Within two years, Janice’s home was completed and they moved in 2014.

Janice’s home photo shows a large space and child-friendly design for her grandchildren. She also wants to make room for their pets.


The front door is made of wood and there are also plants around it that are visually appealing. The garden is located in a large hole in their hallway which is also a good view through the door.

Janice’s living room also shows that it has a large space and is comfortable. Because of the glass wall, light enters the entire living room that makes it even more beautiful. There are also a variety of other actresses’ collections and decorations.

Janice’s dining table and kitchen are great too. The picture shows their second-year table and other designs and containers. Janice’s fancy kitchen is just like the kitchens in a restaurant. She also chose materials that are easy to clean and look good.

On the wall of their stairs are paintings made by Pedro Garcia with a beautiful lamp on his ceiling. Other parts of the house will also feature various paintings and collections of actresses such as books.


Janice’s room was spacious but simple. So is his son Yuan’s room, which has plenty of storage space for his collections.

On the outside porch, they sometimes eat with the children and having a family bonding.

This beautiful home is inspired by Janice De Belen and gives us new ideas for our homes.


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