Meet LINDA GORTON, The Woman Who Made Dennis Padilla Fall in Love Again

We all know that Dennis Padilla is a great comedian because he can make people laugh without effort.

Despite his amusing on-screen stunts, it can not be denied that there was a different story to his love life.

Prior to that, he tied the knot to fellow actress Marjorie Barretto in 1997.

The couple got blessed with three kids namely Julia, Claudia and Leon.


Yet instead both of them agreed to part way because of their unresolved 2007 dispute.

Dennis could not take up the position of councilor in the town of Caloocan in the same year. The comedian seemingly lost all his career as well as his family within a very short period of time.

To make matters worst, Padilla had a hard time coming back to the showbiz. But fate appears to have other plans for the former comedian.

Just when we figured his luck had gone out, he finally met the woman who would eventually fill all the vacuity inside him.


Dennis met the half Filipina, half Australian beauty Linda Gorton. She’s the woman who made the former actor fall and believe in love once more.

According to Pep’s report, Dennis met Linda back in 2008 through a common friend.

He was already 49 then while she was just 25.

Age is never an issue to them for Linda’s parents liked him very much. Their problem instead was the distance for it was just only a couple of weeks since they have gotten together when she had to go back to Australia.

Linda was busy on her studies that time while Dennis was also busy with his career. They might have been through a lot of complications.

But they were able to compromise for each other and that is where they patched things up between them.

The couple are now together for more or less 10 years and still counting as they get stronger. They had three children Rizzi, Madie and Gavin.


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