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Simple lang ang bahay na Ito Pero Pag Pasok sa Loob ay Talagang Mamangha ka

Many of us have always dreamed of buying and building our own home. Because of the hardships of life, many of us Filipinos are simply renting a house instead of building our own homes.

This is because it is very costly and we will spend large sums of money just to buy our dream home and land. Over time, we do not realize that the money we pay for renting a home is being overlooked because our rented house will never be ours even a few years later.

So many of us Filipinos choose to work abroad only to raise money that will be used to build and buy their own home and land for the family.

Regardless of the hardship of working abroad and the sacrifice of being separated from loved ones just so we can have enough salary to build our own house. Recently many were shocked by this viral image circulating on social media. The image was shared by the Facebook page “Traditional Life” which has the caption “It’s a beautiful home. It’s simple but has a sting. ” These photos have garnered a lot of comments and reactions from netizens.


The viral pictures are so unique in this house that you would think at first glance it is just plain and simple. But if go inside this house, you will definitely be amazed at its beauty! It is fully equipped from its bathroom with “tiles”, sinks that also have faucets and even kitchen cabinets.

There is also a comfortable bed and lounge inside although this house is small and narrow at first sight. It is really a very comfortable and very nice home for a small family.

Check out the photos of this house inside:


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