LOOK: Ethel Booba Slams Mocha Uson For Calling Mayor Vico ‘Pabebe’

As we all know, social media has many ways to use it. Some use it to connect, give information but some don’t know how to use it properly.

There are many debates happened in social media especially when the pulse of netizens divided into two.

Recently, Mocha Uson receives backlash from netizens and from the supporters of Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto.

On a Facebook page named Mocha Uson Blog, it shared a Facebook post calling Mayor Vico a ‘pabebe.’


It is regarding the petition of the Mayor to the government to allow public transportation specifically tricycles to operate even in community quarantine.

It is to allow medical health workers who don’t have private vehicles to go to their working place.

To recall, the enhanced community quarantine has ordered all public transportations to temporarily stop all the operations.

It has affected all the workers to reach their destinations.


With this, the good Mayor of Pasig is considering his people who needed public transportations.

On the other hand, a Facebook Page named Banat By called him ‘pabebe’ for resisting the transportation ban.

“Kaya ng ibang lugar bakit eto si Mayor Sotto pabebe ang daming hanash?” it said.

Many netizens have defended Vico Sotto including comedian actress Ethel Booba.

With her humor, she retaliates and shared the said post of Mocha Uson Blog.

“Mas okay nang pabebe kesa pabobo” Ethel funnily wrote.

This circulated online and gathered different reactions.


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