People With Blood Type A May Be At Higher Risk Of C0vid-19 Severe Infection According to Studies

Though much remains unknown about C0vid-19, a groundbreaking discovery has been made by some medical researchers.

South China Morning Post (SCMP) reported on March 17, that Blood Type A patients might be more vulnerable to Covid-19.

The research was based on a study by Wang Xinghuan with the University of Wuhan’s Zhongnan Hospital Center for Evidence-Based and Translational Medicine.

Individuals with Blood Type are more vulnerable

Chinese medical researchers were working overtime to uncover more C0VID-19 information.

Their new study included a comparison of more than 2,000 C0vid-19 patients ‘ blood samples with those from healthy populations. The patients originated in Shenzhen and Wuhan.


Tests showed that patients with blood type A had higher infection levels and were more likely to experience severe symptoms.

Consider blood types in treatment plans

The early stages of the analysis are still in. But researchers urged hospitals and governments when preparing their care to consider the type of blood-contaminated patients are.

Wang Xinghuan – the head researcher wrote,

“People of blood group A might need particularly strengthened personal protection to reduce the chance of infection.”

However, those with blood type O had a significantly lower risk for infectious disease.


A total of 1,775 patients from Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital were involved. From 206 deceased patients of C0vid-19, 85 had blood type A, which was 63 percent more than the 52 patients with blood type O.

Such studies may help prevent further fatalities in hospitals, but researchers note that these results also need peer review.

Just 2000 patients each participated in the sample size. Compared to the 198,000 cases worldwide, those numbers are low.



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